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Less-Invasive Crack Repair for Concrete Floors and Structures

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Kelton Glewwe
12 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Demonstration will show the repair of cracks in concrete using structural polyurethane injection without pumps, ports or cutting, featuring Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender and Easy Injection System. This no cutting method generates almost no dust making silica dust mitigation much easier.


  1. Preparing cracks for repair while reducing silica dust creation and exposure
  2. Preventing additional micro-fractures caused by cutting and aggressive preparation
  3. Injecting structural polyurethane without pumps or ports
  4. Bringing cracked slabs back to a pre-cracked condition

Company Overview:

Roadware Inc. is a Minnesota based product-engineering, marketing and manufacturing firm specializing in formulating, blending and packaging polyurethanes, polyureas, hybrid polymers and adhesives for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1991, Roadware Concrete Repair Products are used by thousands of businesses large and small to repair cracks and spalls within their facilities. Roadware’s, “micro-brewery,” approach to formulation and product design has led to many industry innovations.  If your industry is anything from automotive manufacturing, grocery distribution, construction, and fabrication to mega retailer, Roadware products can keep your industrial floors in top repair with no downtime. Also known as Concrete Mender™, or Road Mender™, Roadware Concrete Repair Products are ready to solve difficult concrete restoration problems.


Kelton Glewwe's Profile

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Vice President

Roadware Incorporated

Kelton Glewwe is Vice-President of Marketing for Roadware Incorporated and an original founding partner of the company. Kelton has set up sales and distribution networks for Roadware construction products in over twenty countries around the world. He has worked on projects ranging from automated freezer warehouses in Washington to 100-year old railroad piers in New York and Airport Runways in Hong Kong. Kelton is a graduate of the University of Saint Thomas and lives in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

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