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Preparation and Application of Sprayable Silyl-Terminated Polymer Air Barrier on CMU

Product Demonstrations
Dave Pennington |  Greg Rinke
30 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Demonstration will show what an acceptable CMU substrate for application of air barrier materials looks like, how to prepare Sprayable Cat 5 air barrier coating for application, discuss proper pump specifications for spraying the material, and demonstrate best practices for spraying Sprayable Cat 5, a Silyl-Terminated Polymer air barrier to a CMU substrate, while providing “tips & tricks” along the way.


  1. Discuss Silyl-Terminated Polymer (STP) chemistry air barrier and their capabilities
  2. Demonstrate what an acceptable CMU surface is for the application of air barrier coatings
  3. Show how to properly mix and prepare air barrier coating for application
  4. Share proper pump, hose and spray tip specification for the spray application
  5. Demonstrate best practices for the spray application on a CMU substrate

Company Overview:

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, Prosoco is a national manufacturer of products for stabilizing masonry walls; high performance finished concrete flooring; making building envelopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings. Prosoco strives to provide innovative products and services that improve the appearance and performance of our built environment. Since being founding in 1939, Prosoco has fostered a reputation across the nation and internationally as a company that goes above and beyond for customers in every way possible.


Dave Pennington's Profile

Dave Pennington Related seminars and products: 1

Biz. Unit Ldr, Building Envelope Products Group


Dave Pennington has been in the commercial construction industry for 28 years with 18 of those in specialty distribution, selling products in Divisions 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. The remaining 10 years have been with PROSOCO, first as a Regional Sales Manager for 5 years, in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma 7 New Mexico, and the past 5 years as the Business Unit Leader for PROSOCO Building Envelope Products Group.

Greg Rinke's Profile

Greg Rinke Related seminars and products: 1


Greg Rinke has been with PROSOCO for over nine years. Greg assists in research and development of R-Guard, Concrete Flooring, and Clean and Protect products. 

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