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Mr. Patrick McConnell


Atlantis Fiber

Patrick (Pat) McConnell is President and CEO of Atlantis Holdings Ltd and is the founder and lead developer of the polymer-based fiber additive technology that is the base of AtlantisFiber. Pat has been instrumental in guiding Atlantis through its early days and initial concept development to a more robust company with a clear vision for the future. He has experience in both the construction and aviation industries and has built a very well-rounded team of seasoned professionals, both from a technical and advisory perspective.

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Eco-Friendly Ductile Cementitious Composites (EDCC) for Seismic Retrofit

Nemkumar Banthia |  Mr. Patrick McConnell
15 Minutes
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EDCC is an extremely novel and first of its kind application for use primarily in the seismic retrofit of unreinforced masonry walls. This spray-on technology incorporates a highly sustainable and cos...

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