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Mr. Scott Bergsbaken

IMCO Technologies, Inc.

Scott Bergsbaken is Executive VP of IMCO Technologies. Scott was a Committee member for the Strategic Development Council for ACI.  He was a Director for the Northeast Regional CSI and is the immediate Past President of the Hartford, CT Chapter. Scott has wide-ranging experience in the commercial construction industry and has been a special design construction consultant to several Fortune 500 Companies. His broad concrete knowledge and specialized training combined with extensive experience make him an industry expert. Scott has presented technical information to many National organization meetings such as USGBC, AIA, ACI and CSI. 

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Benefits of Permanent Impermeable Concrete Repair

Mr. Scott Bergsbaken |  Kelly LaJeunesse
10 Minutes
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How to properly mix, place and finish MG-Krete, a 2-component product and permanent repair material, will be demonstrated. The demonstration will show methodologies employed in horizontal, vertical, o...

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