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Scott DiStefano

Product Manager - Resins

Sika Corporation

Scott DiStefano has been with Sika for the last 8 years as a product engineer and sales representative handling product lines ranging from cementitious underlayments to anchoring. He is currently the Product Manager for the resins line of products including epoxies, coatings and FRP. Scott graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. Scott is a member of industry organizations such as ICRI (TAC member) and ACI and frequently participates and presents at industry functions.

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Advancements in FRP Installation Methods

Scott DiStefano |  Mrs. Eri Vokshi
18 Minutes
Audio and Video
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The installation of externally applied FRP systems has been slow to evolve due to limitations of materials used in the field. This demonstration will show how to make the most out of the materials wit...

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